Neurophysiological indicators of infant pain – Caroline Hartley – International Symposium on Pediatric Pain. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Using noxious evoked brain activity to measure analgesic efficacy in infants – Caroline Hartley – London Pain Consortium Pain Research Update. London, UK


Infant pain: neurophysiological responses to noxious stimulation in early development – Caroline Hartley – Welsh Paediatric Society Guest Lecture. Cwmbran, UK

Pain in Infancy: Measurements and Consequences – Rebeccah Slater, Plenary Speaker – Federation of ISAP Chapters (EFIC). Vienna, Austria

Imaging the nociceptive response in the infant brain & Investigating the relationship between nociceptive brain activity, spinal cord activity and body movements in the absence of facial expression change in healthy newborn infants – Rebeccah Slater – International Society for Paediatric Pain (ISPP). Seattle, USA


Treating Pain in Children: Current Practice, Recent Advances and Current Debates – Refresher Course – Rebeccah Slater – International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP) – World Congress on Pain. Buenos Aires, Argentina


The developing brain and pain response – Rebeccah Slater – International Society for Paediatric Pain (ISPP). Stockholm, Sweden

Infant pain – Rebeccah Slater – International Forum on Paediatric Pain. Nova Scotia, Canada

Balancing shifts in the pain paradigm – Rebeccah Slater, Plenary Speaker – Advance Practice Nursing ForumWashington, USA

Pain in the newborn – Rebeccah Slater – British Neuroscience Association Festival of Neuroscience. London, UK


Imaging pain in the developing brain – Rebeccah Slater, Plenary Speaker – Nordic Pediatric Pain conference 2012. Reykjavik, Iceland

Is sucrose truly analgesic? – Rebeccah Slater – Canadian Association of Neonatal Nursing 2012. Toronto, Canada